Thursday, November 18, 2010

My favorite person (times 2!)

Good morning my beautiful people!!! How was your evening? Mine was quite nice actually, I got to have a lovely meeting and talk about some issues that were really bothering me.AND!!!!!!!! Tonight is the night i have been waiting for quite some time! HARRY POTTER MIDNIGHT RELEASE!!!! Do you have your tickets yet? I hope you do.


Who is your closest friend?
Ok first of all I had a very hard time with this post at first. I have aways been one to have many friends and not one very close one. That changed this summer. I had some enormous family trials that resulted in my learning to lean on people like i never had before. Today I'm gonna talk about those two amazing people.

First, my best friend Jana!
Isn't she beautiful?
She was there the night that all the stuff went down with my family
She stayed with me even though she had class very early the next morning.
She will bring me sunshine when I'm blue.
She gripes me out when I'm being stupid
She even dressed as me for Halloween!!!

(below are Jana, Megan and me!)
She is one of my closest friends
I don't know how I could ever live without her now

Next up: My boyfriend BRETT!!!

He came to be in my life at just the time I needed him.
He is my protector, my rock.
He hugs me when I feel alone.
He makes me laugh when I'm down
He tells me I'm pretty on my ugliest days
He encourages me to be better than I am
He makes me strive to be the woman he deserves

He is my daredevil
He is my smarty pants
He is my genius
He is my pilot
He is the only one in my life who I know feels as deeply as I do
He truly is the love of my life
and even though miles may separate us
We can still look up at the stars and know we are sharing the same experience!

I love both of you, and couldn't do this thing called life without you
I am more than blessed to have you in my life and thank God for you every day!

You're turn!!
Who is your favorite person?
The one you wake up every day for.


Mulli said...

You're so wonderful Lydia Ruth! You are my true love, my encourager, my comforter, my inspiration, my writer, my partner in crime, and you make me work to be better than I am. You're my favorite person! I love you to the stars and back again, and I can't wait to share more of life with you!

Cyndi Mulligan said...

I love your love for each other. It's full of respect, honor, admiration, depth, and kindness. You always manage to keep it G-rated too, haha! Love is a blessing to witness.