Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 3- Favorite TV show

Good evening loyal followers! Today was pretty gloomy outside and in
my house so I took a note out of a friends playbook and decided to make
a list of things that would shake those down home blues. I thought it would
be nice to share it with you!!

And next on the agenda is the day three blog!!

What is your favorite TV program?

Ok so as most of you know I watch way to much tv for me to admit on here! I love
everything Joss Whedon has even touched (Firefly, Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse,
Dr horrible etc.) I love Jepordy, weeds, Community, Castle, and How I met
your mother! But those all really pale in comparison to the show I want to
talk about today.
Boy Meets world has been my favorite show since I was a
little girl. It was our family program and we watched it every day! My sister and I
really bonded over some of the story lines, and we still have inside jokes and
quote lines from it to this very day. So, thank you boy meets world for keeping
our bond strong and giving us a movie about family friendship and the pursuit
of graduation!!!

love LYDIA

PS: What was was your favorite show growing up?
The one that got the whole family around theTV to watch it??

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