Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Middle names have always been fascinating to me.
I love learning how people got their second name.
Alot of times its a family name, or a famous person the parents looked up to.
For my family it was a bible character.

I never owned my name. Till now.
I always thought that a name like Ruth
would be better suited to a woman in her late 80s. Not necessarily to a young
girl trying to make her was in the world. Then I realized
where my name had come from.

Ruth was a strong woman in the Bible. She followed her mother
in law even when her husband died and her sister in law abandoned ship.
She was an example of true faithfullness and trust in the face of immensely
tough circumstances. I am proud to bear her name!!

- What do you think about your middle name?
-How did your parents think of it?


Mick said...

O'Dell is the family's Irish name. that last 4 generations ahve ahd " Lee-Dell, La-Dell, O'Dell, and O'Dell. Loving your blog btw!

Su said...

I went by my middle name for years, because I liked it much better than my first name. But then I noticed that my first name has a lot fewer letters. Laziness wins.

Anyway, Elizabeth = wife of the minister who married my parents. Lifelong mentor to my mum. And I didn't know I was named after her until I was about 22, when my parents finally got round to telling me.