Friday, November 19, 2010

3 favorite colors

Good afternoon you beautiful person.
Todays topic is my three favorite colors.
I thought I would cheat (only a little) and add a fourth, because if you know me
you know it is almost impossible for me to choose! whether it be bands, colors,
people, food, anything. I have a very hard time choosing.

My first color is called Fern.
It is such a calming color.
I will always be the most fond of greens.

My second is mustard yellow.
This is the most recent addition to my color pallet.
It is just so moldable, it works with everything and really can make
an outfit pop!

The third color is this lovely turquoise.
this is one of the most fun colors because it really brightens up any mood or room.
Also if you were born with those baby blues it really brings them out!

the last and definitely not the least color on this list is this dusty rose.
Another newer addition to my wardrobe, it is so soft.
I feel as though i am being super feminine when i wear it!

There you have my favorite colors. But, todays blog is not finished.
It has been one of those mornings, so I decided to reward myself with a cup
of tea and some knitting.
While I was knitting I came across this picture featured below.
It made me realize what I truly dream about, a world filled with books!!

May your day be filled with books.
May you find the color that makes you feel beautiful.
Now, go out and color the world.
I'm off to make my mother a blog!!

What is your favorite color?
How does that color make you feel differently when you see it?


Mick said...

Turquoise is my signature Color, but we both knew that :)

Mulli said...

Yeah, I look at those 4 colors together and I see you.

Cyndi Mulligan said...

Magenta. Not pink, not red, not fuchsia, but a brilliant blend of all! Reminds me of the vibrant imagination of God!