Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Oh dear, I just moved back into my parents house and oh my has my life flipped. I am plagued by longing for my friends. I miss the constant companionship and community of college life.

On the plus side I have a great work station set up!

My Yarn is all set up and I have plenty more under my bed.

I also have some cool new projects. I have been working on Flower brooches and arm warmers.

I really like these. This one was made with sugar and cream cotton yarn! So it is nice and sturdy.

I have several different colors of coasters ready as well!

my work station! YAY, yes it is my bedroom floo. My own personal sanctuary!

Thank you for being a part of my blog today

I wish you a wonderful day full of sunshine and rainbows.

Keep a song in your heart


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The Dapple Apple said...

The new set-up looks AMAZING! And all of your things are so lovely! I miss you greatly. I never realized how much I looked forward to our weekly crafty times until now.

Your new sturdy flowers are great! FYI: You can buy the giant cones of the cotton yarn at Wal-Mart for cheaper than you can get them anywhere else.