Saturday, November 21, 2009

poetry day of awesomeness

We went to the Wichita mountains with the lit society today on a poetry writing retreat.
I think you all know how much I love writing poetry, so here it is: Hope you like it

Majestic peace

I see the mountain there
but my head is somewhere else
As I scale the wild face
my foot slips on a stone
I'm dreaming of the cool, crisp air
that wraps it's arms around me
I see your face glance down at me
as you reach out and touch my hand.
The rope around my waist goes tout
and reminds me where I am
My hands grab hold of cold rock pieces
as I swing myself up the mountain
with no great force of expertise
I climb straight to the top
And staring down at the great beyond
I stand to catch my breath
my arms help wide
my face aglow
with smiles and with wonder
I grasp your hand
as we take it all in
this majestic scene of peace!

1 comment:

bird brains said...

you pretty little thing!

love your blog! how is it that i've only JUST stumbled upon it?
so glad i have.